At its foundation, writing is a deep observation of the world. An author captures the smell in the air at the change of seasons, or the idiosyncrasies of a character's mind. The words ring true, and the images glow bright in your memory.

When combined together, writing, slow walking, and meditation serve as a virtuous feedback loop. Each practice calls forth an awakening to the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, textures, and thoughts running through the moment. An image you receive during slow walking ends up in a poem you write later that day. Insight gleaned during a sitting meditation becomes fodder for your memoir.

This spring, spend a morning with teacher Sarah Sennott Cyr learning foundational tools to cultivate a mindful writing practice. All experience levels welcome. This workshop will include timed writings, sitting meditation, and slow walking. Bring fast writing pens and notebooks.

"Writing is a path to meet ourselves." - Natalie Goldberg

May 4, 9:30-12:30

Hawthorn Healing Arts, 39 NW Louisiana Ave, Bend, OR


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