The Stories I Could Tell: A Writing Group for Seniors

Stories I Could Tell

Inside each of us lies an almost infinite number of stories, whether our lives were lived within the radius of a few blocks or we've gone through a dozen passports. Join writer Sarah Cyr on a journey to unearth your unique stories in this writing group geared specifically towards seniors.

More about this writing group:

  • A group session will consist of 2-3 writing prompts to help unlock memories and stories and make them come alive, along with some time to read what you wrote aloud to the group (if you choose to - no pressure!). 
  • All you need is paper and a fast-writing pen.
  • No writing background needed and poor spellers welcome! This class isn't about writing the Great American novel: it's a writing practice that's just for YOU to help you reflect upon and record memories from your life (you can of course share what you write with you friends and family, if you choose to). 
  • Studies have shown that personal writing like we'll be doing has been linked with improved health outcomes, such as fewer visits to the doctor, improved mood and feeling of greater psychological well-being, and improved working memory.

Sarah is currently facilitating this writing group at Fox Hollow Assisted Living in Bend, Oregon. If you're interested in having Sarah host a writing group at your senior living community or center, contact her